A Tale of Two Wolves

Just bound this morning.


Generation Lost

Generation Lost

This piece, titled Generation Lost, is an amalgamation of several concepts and processes that I’ve been exploring for many months. The source imagery for this print’s key image derives from my photographic work—primarily focusing on portraiture and body language. These sources were run through an abstraction process of tracing, minimizing, and collaging. This procedure as a whole is centered around re-contextualization and visual story telling—premised on the viewer’s interpretation of the relationship between the figures. This piece specifically draws from a far too common story: generation loss. In relationship to data, “generation loss” refers to the diminishing of quality between copies of transcriptions of data. If something causes reduced quality in one subsequent copy, all reproductions thereafter will suffer continual loss of clarity and information. Applying this to human relationships, I investigated how generation loss occurs through the vehicle of assimilation, neglect, exploitation, theft, and other human endeavors—the failings or suppression of one generation to preserve resources, customs, histories, cultures, languages, and knowledge in general for the subsequent generation. This concept of data injury over time returns to the method of design detailed above, where crisp, large photo files where reduced through many stages and filters to the state in which they exist now.

Three Layers printed in reduction woodblock and one layer print with linoleum. Printed with oil-based relief inks on Unryu.

Eight Hours

Eight Hours - Justin Anderson

11×17 hand printed poster on 100# cover stock paper with permanent oil-based inks. Background is layered brayer and knife painting and relief with inks and text layer is letterpressed with hand-set metal type. Text is a wonderful old song for the 40 Hour Work Week/ 8-Hour-Day Movement. Variety in color and lots of great subtleties! Signed on back. Limited Edition.


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If you are not barefoot then you are overdressed.

This is not just slogan for beaches and summer sun, but a mantra of a vast and diverse movement of humans enjoying the amazing architecture of their human feet.

The “arch” of the foot is indeed an arch! Why are arches used in construction? Because they get STRONGER under pressure! So why on earth would you want to put cushioning under an arch and weaken it? And forget how to use your feet (and entire body) properly as they evolved to do?

11×17 inch screen printed poster with two layers of water-based ink on 100 pound cover stock paper. The is a unique style of screen printing involving painting globs, drips, and swirls of many different colors of ink on the screen and pulling them through in just one layer!

Limited edition of 30. Signed and numbered on front.

Info on barefooted athletics:


These Are Corn Seeds

Corn Seeds Print ONE02

This is a letterpress 11×17 inch poster
printed on 100 pound cover stock paper
with permanent oil-based inks.
The image area was created with
hand-set moveable metal type, a
medium grain wood block,
and a cob of corn.
Each print has unique variances,
some more than others.

This fine art poster is both package and
souvenir for these Apache Red heirloom corn seeds
and the act of using and enjoying them!
The deep red/maroon kernels have soft flour centers.
Used for grinding.

Purchase this print, then:
Remove the seeds carefully so that the bag remains intact.
Or, remove the whole thing forcefully and leave a
distinctive tear. Do what you want; they’re your seeds!

Plant them.
(One inch deep, one foot spacing)
Then indeed display your new artwork with pride!